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Designing a more enjoyable experience
with a camera app.

In recent years, the importance of UI/UX design as the touch point between a service and its users has grown along with the demand for agile tools for creating the best design both efficiently and effectively.

As a collaborative effort between Academia and Industry, students at Tama Art University researched the process of mobile application design under the mentorship of practitioners at UI design agency, Goodpatch. For this project students were asked to imagine the capacity of the built-in camera for a simple application aimed at user engagement. As a case study, students were introduced to Prott, a rapid prototyping tool conceived and utilized by Goodpatch designers to accelerate the process for quick turn arounds from sketch to high fidelity screens.

what's prott

Giving shape to ideas...quicker.

Prott lets you create moving, realistic prototypes for mobile apps and web sites without a single line of code. Upload your rough sketches and/or graphic data of screen designs, add transitions/animations, and instantly have a sharable prototype that can be used for feedback and testing right away.

students’ works

Past works


project process

  • ideation
    scenario & storyboard creation
  • prototyping#1
    screen idea sketching & prototyping with prott
    mid-term presentation
  • prototyping#2
    group feedback & usability testing
    fine-tuning design based on feedback
  • presentation
    fine-tuning design based on feedback
    panel & portfolio creation


The Information Design Department of Tama University specializes in the the characteristics of information design education and research. Focusing on information technology, we give students the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in the web, UI, and game design industries.

  • Professor
    Tomohiro Uemura

    The students were able to freely ideate and build their own stories directly into Prott to create testable models. In addition, using Prott for user testing allowed the students to get feedback on problem points and make the design process more effective. This project allowed many students to experience and enjoy app design.

    Graduated from University of Tsukuba, School of Art & Design. Began working with GK Industrial Design Research Lab for graduate level studies. Joined Tama Art University as a lecturer in 1995. Specializes in product design and information design. Currently organizing workshops such as "Design of Education Environments” and other implementation research focusing on the theme of “The expression of infants in learning and play.” Also involved in research for “Applications for the recording of observations during learning activities”. Received doctorate in 2005 from University of Tsukuba, School of Comprehensive Human Sciences.

  • Associate Professor
    Akio Yoshihashi

    I have conducted classes on smartphone app users and interface (UI) design but since introducing Prott into the curriculum, the process of putting form to ideas has become remarkable faster. In addition, thanks to the multiple iterations of user testing, the level of quality of the design has improved.

    Graduated from Chiba University, Faculty of Engineering. After working in the design division of an information appliance maker, he joined the master’s program at Tama Art University and continued on as a researcher. Worked as a TA under the Shizuoka University, Faculty of Informatics, before taking a new post at the Tama Art University in 2007. Specializes in UI/UX design and service design. Currently organizing many joint activities between industry and academia. MA degree in Art Science from Tama Art University and MBA degree from Tama University.

Goodpatch is a UI design company with studios located in Tokyo and Berlin. We handle all steps in the process of designing and developing iOS/Android apps, web services, and other products — from the initial stages of ideation, to iterations of prototyping, and clean code implementation.

  • Interaction Designer
    Shoko Tanaka

    Personally, the happiest thing I experienced during this class was simply seeing students who came to enjoy the challenge of app design presents and became more interested in UI and UX design. It's important to remember to try various means and methods and not to care if it's messy at first — the most important thing is to start making and start moving.

    Born in 1986. After graduating from Tama Art University in 2009, took a gap year to study at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Upon returning to Japan, entered a design consulting firm and left in 2013 to join Goodpatch. Currently focused on service and app direction, along with information and UI design.

  • UI Designer
    Ryoko Ujihara

    Until now, the ability to program, or rather the lack of it, has created a noticable chasm in quality of movable prototypes. Through this class, students learned to use Prott for more efficient, service-focused design. In the span of one week, I was really impressed by how much the students were able to improve the quality of their design.

    Born in 1987. Graduated from Tama Art University in 2009 and moved to Canada to study English. Returned to Japan and worked 2 years as a freelancer, mainly specializing in web and graphic design. After working at a system development company, joined Goodpatch in 2014. Currently focused on app and web direction, along with UI design.


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